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Mr. Sakti Mandal is Assistant Professor Department of Geography, Sripat Singh College, Mushidabad since 2015. He born in 1984 and studied B.Sc. (Hons.) (Geography) at Presidency College under Calcutta University, 2005, M.Sc. in Geography from Calcutta University 2007 and joined PhD in Geography at Calcutta University in 2014. Before joining the college he has attached as an Expert Member of Geography in West Bengal board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).
His area of interest is Cartography, Statistical Application in Geography, Remote Sensing and GIS. Mr. Mandal has attached several national and International learned body i.e. Life member of The Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) Hyderabad, The Institute of Indian Geographer (IIG) Pune.  He also attached as an Editorial Member of different peer reviewed journal such as Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing”, Dehradoon, “International Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS”, Kurukshetra- Harayana, and “International Journal of Research and Development in Advancement of Science and Technology”, Gurgaon.Since 2011, Mr. Mandal has published 18 research articles and 04 books in his area of expertise.
1.      Publication Details:
A.     Communicated Papers in Research Journals

  1. S. Mandal– “Urban Heat Island Mapping using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques – A case study on KMDA region, West Bengal, India” – in the Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS, ISSN: 2277- 9051, Submitted – 14.04.2015.
  2. S. Mandal– “Delineation and Characterization of Inland Wetland Using Remote Sensing Technique- A Case Study on East Kolkata Wetland” – in the Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, ISSN: 2070-1875, Manuscript ID: JGRP/20.06.15/0512. 2015.  

B.    Published Papers in Research Journals and Edited Books

1.   S. Mandal & P Rohatgi– “Levels of Development and Development Potential of South 24 Parganas District: An Approach in Integrated Rural Area DevelopmentPlan” -in the Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Vol. 4(1), pp. 372-380, March, 2018.  ISSN: 2167-0477

2.    S. Mandal & M. Shaikh 'A Pro-Poor Tourism as a New Approaching to Populace Development in Murshidabad Town: A Case Study'  Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences;Vol:9No:2:April-June:2018.

3.   S. Mandal- 'Identification of Optimum Band Combination for Land Surface Water Mapping Using Landsat TM Digital Data: A Statistical Approach' Edited Volumes titled 'West Bengal: Geoinformatics for Sustainable Environment Management' National Conference, School of Sciences, NSOU on 9 June, 2018. 

4.   S. Mandal -'Remote Sensing and GIS Tools Used to Analyses the Floristic Diversity with Special Reference to Landsat ETM+ Digital Data: A Case Study on Jungle Mahal Region of Western Part of West Bengal-edited  book,"Dynamics in Biology" , edited by Dr. Ashim Chakravorty by Akinik Publication, New Delhi, with ISBN No.978-93-87072-44-2 2018. 

5.    S. Mandal and P. Rohatgi- “Microfinance, Self Help Group (Shgs) And Rural Development - A Case Study With Special Reference To South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal” in edited book- Socio-economic Impact of Cottage and Small Scale Industries , ISBN 978-93-83010-26-4 pp. 04-11. 2016.

6.    S. Mandal and R. Ray - “Multi Criteria Based Forest Cover Type Mapping Using Land sat TM/ ETM+ Digital Data”- in The Journal of Regional Science, Volume- 46, No. 1 2014. 

7.   S. Mandal and R. Ray and S. Mondal - “Application of Supervised Enhancement Technique for Crop Land Mapping from Landsat Digital Data – A Case Study In Bardhaman Block, Burdwan District, West Bengal”- in International Journal of Science and Nature, Volume-4, No. 2 2013.R. Ray, 

8.   S. Mandal, and A. Dutta - “Application of Linear spectral Mixing Model in Fractional Vegetation Cover Mapping- A Case Study of Part of Jungle Mahal Region, West Bengal”- International Journal of Science and Nature, Volume-4, No. 1 2013.

9.    R. Ray, S. Mandal and A. Dhara - “Environmental Monitoring of Estuaries; Estimating and Mapping Various Environmental Indicators in Matla Estuarine Complex, Using Landsat TM Digital Data”- International Journal Geomatics and Geosciences, Volume-3, No. 3 2013.

10.    S. Mandal and R. Ray- “Measures of Urbanization in West Bengal: A Statistical Analysis”- Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities, Volume-3 No. 3, 2013.

11.    S. Mandal “Service Centre Planning for Area Development of Diamond Harbour Subdivision, South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal”- Practicing Geographer, Volume- 17, No. 1, 2013.

12.   S. Mandal - “Levels of Urbanization in South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal”-Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume- 4, No. 1, 2013.

13.   R. Ray, S. Mandal and Arijit Dhara - “Characterization and Mapping of Inland Wetland: A Case Study on Selected Bils on Nadia District”- International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, 2012.

14.  S. Mandal- “Different Types of Choropleth Mapping and Analysis: Population Density of Bankura District, West Bengal” – Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies, Volume- 35, No. 2 June 2012.

15.   S. Mandal & A. Dhara - “Measurement of Agricultural Productivity and Levels of Development in South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal”- International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research, Volume- 2, No. 4, 2012.

16.  S. Mandal - “Changing Pattern of Agricultural Practices and Productions in Coochbehar District, West Bengal”-Golden Research Thought, Volume- 2 No. 3 September 2012.

17.   S. Mandal & A. Dhara - “Urban Infrastructural scenario of Baruipur Municipality”- International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies, Volume 2. 2012.

18.   S. Mandal & A. Dhara -“Poverty Scenario of the Cooch Behar District, West Bengal”- The Journal of Historical and Cultural Review, Volume- 3 No. 1, 2012.

C.    Publication of Book:  1.      S. Mandal– “Concept of Choropleth Mapping and Analysis – A Methodology of Choropleth Mapping” - Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) Germany, ISBN No. 978-3-659-42829-6.

2.      S. Mandal“Estimation of Annual average Soil Loss– An application of Remote Sensing & GIS” - Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) Germany, ISBN No. 978-3-659-46620-5.

3.      S. Mandaland R. Ray– “Application of Remote Sensing in Urban Area – A Study on Urban Heat Island Mapping” - Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) Germany, ISBN No. 978-3-8383-8293-7.

4.      S. Mandaland R. Ray – “Remote Sensing on Wetland Environment” Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) Germany, ISBN No. 978-3-659-53009-8.

5.      Text Book - Amader Prithivi Class VI, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).
6.      Text Book - Amader Prithivi Class VIII, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).
D.     Accepted Book for publication: 
7.      S. Mandal & R. Ray -“Rhetoric and Reality of Rehabilitation Program: A Study on Rajarhat Newtown, West Bengal, India”- in the International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE), 2015.

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