SAGAR SIMLANDY, M.A, Ph. D (pursuing)
Assistant Professor
1. Name of Dept.:- History
2. Full Name (In Block letter): SAGAR SIMLANDY
3. Fathers Name: Chandra Kanta Simlandy
4. Address: ( i)Official: Sripat Singh College,Post- Jiaganj,Dist.-Murshidabad, Pin.- 742123. (ii) Permanent: 47/4 A.C.Road, By Lane-1, Indrapastha, Post- khagra Dist.- Murshidabad, Pin- 742103.
5. Date of Birth: 02/11/1977
6. Gander: Male
7. Category : OBC-B
8. Subject: History
9. Specialisation: 18th Century India
10. Designation : Assistant Professor, Stage-2
11. Date of Appointment/Joining: 06/04/2010
12. Nature of Post: Substantive
13. Mobile number: 9433567680
14. E-mail:
15. Academic Qualification: M.A. B.ED. SET-2008, Ph. D(pursuing)
16. Total Teaching Experience : 10+ Year, Under Graduate : 10+Years Post Graduate : 8+ Years (DODL)
17. Membership: Member of Indian History Congress & life member of Paschimbanga Itihas Sansad
18. Editorship of Book: "Many Faces of Post- Independent Bengal" & "The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi"
19. Research Work: See ANNEXURE-1


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