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Sripat Singh College, established in 1949, is a college in Jiaganj, in Murshidabad district, in the state of West Bengal in India. It offers undergraduate courses in arts and sciences and postgraduate course in Bengali only. It is affiliated to University of Kalyani. Blessed be for ever the great name of Sripat Singh Dugar, the magnanimous Sitambar Jain of this town, who made his dream come true on August 1, 1949, the vision of a college in this town. So will live for ever the name of his noble wife Rani Dhanya Kumari Debi who inspired him in his task. His gift of the palatial outhouse, his wealth and the income from his feudal annuity substantiated his dream into reality. Besides these and other such large donations, he actively organized and headed the team who moved the West Bengal Government to make this Govt. sponsored Co-Educational Degree College from 1 July 1954, the first ever in our state. His zeal for education made it possible to get this college affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Devotion and sincerity to his great purpose made it all possible. On behalf of the vast multitude of people of these regions, on behalf of this our Sripat Singh College family I offer my respectful tribute to him and his wife. Sripat Singh College was the great vision of a noble dreamer. the college was affiliated with the University of Calcutta, and on 1 August 1949 it began its journey as a co-educational intermediate College, and, as a government sponsored co-educational Degree College. Advancement of learning', as Francis Bacon conceived centuries ago, is still to b the ideal of any educational institution, and so it is ours too; to create ideal atmosphere for learning. To 'learn' is to know, to know, myself and the mankind, as we find ourselves in harmony with the universe. As T.S. Eliot names this, this is a cohesion of 'tradition and individual talent' in an atmosphere of 'sweetness and light'. An educational institution arranges for manifestation of that individual talent. Hence are here all these sciences all these arts. The highest aim of all these is to know the truth, truth in all its scientific an humanistic spectrum.' Individuality develops only a social atmosphere where it cal feed on common interests and common activities' - we should share this view of Sir Percy Nunn. Therefore we must try evermore to help developing social sense and humanistic consciousness in our pupils. G. K. Chesterton believes of an artist and of any man : 'His attitude to his age is his individuality; men are never individual when alone'. Our motto should therefore be : 'Unity in diversity'. Freedom from ignorance, freedom is, in truth, the condition, if not the source, of all higher goods, Sir Percy Nunn further believes, and so we should say, 'these higher goods include the higher learnings'. These ideals of education harmonise with the vedic hymn : 

Om, Saha nababatu. Saha nou bhunktu. Saha biryang karabadahai. Tejasvinabadhitamastu.

Ma bidvisabahai. Om Sanith, Sanith, Sanith.



Meaning : May that supreme Being (or Knowledge) protect us both the teacher and the taught; may He protect us by revealing to us both the real nature of knowledge and its application in life. May we both strive and endeavour together, in harmony, to attain knowledge and wisdom. May our learning be envigorated by the power of the highest truth. May there be no discord among us. Peace, peace, peace.

Principal, Sripat Singh College


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