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          The college library has a long and glorious history. The College authority took interest to development of the library from the outset. Foundation of the library was at the hand of the Principal Aswini Kumar Choudhury and the assistant Librarian Sri Bhabaniprasad Sen. Sri Ranamitra Sen was the first full time Librarian of the College (04.05.1960). In 1961 the library was shifted in the old building. Sri Sabitaprasad Dubey was the Librarian for a long time in the development period of the college. The open access system and cataloguing system was started from 1974-1975.
          The library started with only 148 text books at the beginning. The number of books was only one thousand just before the college got the status of Government Sponsored. The growth of the library Collection from the year 1971, the number of books was 9,866. In the year 1981, the no. of books was 15,384, in 1991 the number was 22,578 and now at present there are more than 31,000 books in the library, the library has 24 wall maps and the library subscribed more than 20 Journals. The library was grown up mainly with the help of recurring grant of the state government and grant from UGC. At present the development of the library is solely dependent on the grant from UGC. The Library also got the donation from the teachers, students and others for its development. Sri Sohanlal Dugar of Calcutta donated Rs 2000 in 1963 for purchasing books.


S.l No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
01 Sri Dibakar Das Librarian  MLISc 31.10.2014
02 Sri Shuvasish Sarkar Librarian
 MLISc 13.12.2016
03 Sri Chotton Goswami Library Clerk B.A, MLISc 16.02.2009
04 Sri Saswata Chakrabarty Library Peon H.S 07.03.2011
05 Subir Podder Library Attendant
Madhyamik 01.09.2014


Category Male Female Total
Students 2,252 1,998 4,250
Teachers 43 20 63
Non-Teaching staff 21 08 29
Ex-Students 01 01 02
Total 4,344

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