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Career Development Counselling Cell
Under XI plan of UGC merged scheme, Sripat Singh College Career Development Counselling Cell was established in 2010 to professionalize our college students and bring corporate closer to academics. It has been playing an important role to aware students about present day job market & committed to extend all out help to the students in terms of Counselling, Guidance, Training and Opportunity Hunting Solution. It is also providing training for different Competitive Exam.(Govt & Pvt sector)along with Communicative English, Communicative Hindi ,Soft Skill, Entrepreneurship Development & different kind of Skill Development Training Program, ,Debate ,Quiz & different innovative training program aiming holistic approach to the education.
  • Looking after the matters relating to career and employmentØguidance of the students.

  • To address the diverse socio-economic challenges and geographicØbackgrounds of the heterogeneous population of students coming to the Colleges vis-à-vis equity of access and placement opportunities through availability of appropriate institutional support information. 

  • To make the students confident to perform better through the careerØand counselling support. 

  • To address both the academic and the career concerns andØopportunities through Counselling. 

  • The inculcation of guidance about market patterns and employabilityØcan help the institution in building a base for its students. This exercise will result in their socioeconomic integration. 

  • To help the students with appropriate guidance to establish linkagesØwith the world of work and locate career opportunities vis-à-vis the realities and job profiles in the context of highly competitive emerging occupational patterns through Career Development and Counselling Cell. 

  • To maintain active liaison of the Career and Counselling Cell with theØrecruiting agencies and HR personnel of reputed firms. The active participation of college experts from these could give greater onsite experience in search of suitable candidates.

  •  To act as resource centre of information, guidance and counsellingØwith free accessibility and internet based global connectivity and exchange of information on professional placements. 

  • To develop skills among the students of the college & locality as per industry requirement.

  •  To promote entrepreneurship among the students & to provide knowledge about business.
    Mission, Vision, Values

  • Mission
    The mission of the Career Development Counselling Cell is to educate, counsel and empower Sripat Singh College students, alumni & local people through their self identity and career exploration process.

  • Vision
    1. Encourage students to identify and define their values, skills, interests, passion and utilize this information in making their career choices.
    2. Enhance students’ ability to recognize and negotiate the transitional issues encountered by young adults in the passage from college to career.
    3. Develop partnership across the local, national and global profit, nonprofit organization to create employment opportunities and training for students and alumni.
    4. Nurture students passion and talent which may contribute to the service of our nation.

  • Core Values

  1. Adherence to professional standard

  1. Integrity

  1. Quality service

  1. Collaboration

  1. Innovation.
    Contact details
    Mr.Shyam Sundar Sett
    Career Development Counselling Cell
    Sripat Singh College

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