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The vision was born of magnificent wealth, the munificence of a noble dreamer, and of no mean Mammon of Course. In some lonely hours the great Sripat Singh Dugar, the last perhaps of the clan of the jain Sitambar blue blood at Jiagang, Murshidabad, felt he must do that. His worthy partner of life, the co-sharer of his dream, his wife Rani Dhanya Kumari Dugar inspired his vision. So in 1949, in the month of April, the deed of gift was signed. Sripar Singh Dugar gifted his palatial outhouse (the magnificent 'Cutchery Bari'), with a further donation of seventy-five thousand rupees, for a college in this town Jiaganj. It was Sripat Singh College, the first ever in this Sub-Division and in this vast region of rural and urban West Bengal. On May 1, 1949, the Governing Body was formed with Sripat Singh Dugar as the Founder President. On 11 June 1949 the Governing Body was formed with this Sub-Division and in this vast region of rural and urban West Bengal. On May 1, 1949, the College was affiliated with the University of Calcutta. And on the auspicious morning of August 1, 1949 it began stepping forward as a co-educational Intermediate college with the Principal Sri Jogesh Chandra Bhattacharya , three cull-time Lectures, one clerk, one Librarian, one helper, 42 student in the I.A. class and 29 in the I.Sc. to encourage sincere students Sripat Singhji donated Rs. 10,000.00 for funding scholarships. The college was raised to Degree standard when in 1951, in terms of Govt. rules, he made a further donation of Rs. 30,000.00 for working fund. So in 1951 B. S. Pass course started here with 9 students.
         For the permanent economic security and upkeeping of the college the Governing Body headed by Sripat Sing Dugar moved to the Government of West Bengal and particularly to the then Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray in 1953. in terms of Government Rules of the time Sripat Singhji donated One lakh rupees (Rs. 100000.00) along with the gift of the regular annuity of Rs 6000.00 every year from his Malda Properties. And so in July, 1954 W.B. Government initiated the Govt. Sponsored Schme with Sripat Singh College as the first Govt. Sponsored Co-educational Degree College in the state. In 1960 B. Sc. (Pass) course was introduced here. Progress was in pace. Learners thronged. Accommodation became a problem.
         Sripat Singhji donated land adjacent to the building and with his co-operation much more land was purchased in 1958. In 1959 a large sum of financial assistance for building construction was available from U.G.C. and the W.B. Government. This joint fund of Rs. 1,94,000.00 was utilized for the construction of a spacious 3-storeyed building with more than thirty rooms and halls. In 1961 the building was ceremonially opened by Dr. K.L. Srimali, the Union Minister for Education. W.B. Chief Minister Sri Prafulla Chandra Sen was present in the function. Academic activities were transferred here in August, 1961 and the ancestral out-house of Sripat Singhji, i.e. the old building of the college has since then been named as the 'Administrative Building'.

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